I am Happy But, Not Satisfied!!

Few weeks back, I was watching an interview of Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar, in short Sachin Tendulkar (the cricketer). There in the interview, he was been asked about his 20 years long cricketing career. Everything was good about the interview, but the last question that was been asked to him on whether  he is happy with his cricketing career, his answer was “I am Happy, But Not Satisfied” this was something that striked my mind.

A player like Sachin Tendulkar, who has represented India for 20 years in world cricket, acheived everything, every laurel, the one who is considered as the greatest cricketer ever, is yet not SATISFIED. This shows his hunger for success. I still remember, since I come from an advertising background, once there was an ad of a renowned cola company, they had this punchline called “yeh dil maange more.” I guess, the line was created in a way, keeping in mind the psychology of Sachin.

I have always been a sporty boy, but some where down the line lacked the hunger for success or the tenacity. The line which Sachin said is applicable in all forms of life be it sports, studies or profession. There should be the tenacity to do well in whatever you do. The fighting attitude must be there in every single person on this planet, as they say that on this planet, only the fitest will gona survive and the weaker will perish.

As a human being we always work hard in order to achieve our initial success, but after crossing the first hurdle we tend to relax a bit and that is the point when our so called disred goal converts into a need to acheive. As a result we do well in our life but our desire gets dumped somewhere.

I can bet many of you want to be rich, successful, famous, well ask me who doesn’t want all these, but 90% of the people love to think, as even they know its not easy to achieve all these. Even a person like Hitler had to work day and night to achieve what he desired. Ok let’s take a current example, IPL or the Indian Premier League, a brand that grew into a global brand within two years. A multi-millionare brand, with loads of glitz n glam surrounding this cricketing extravagenza, from film-stars to Corporates everybody joined and invested in this business. Which was later on followed by the controversy of financial goof-ups. Everybody blamed the chief Lalit Modi, but one thing which everybody is forgetting is the fact that the amount of hard work that this person laid in, in order to make IPL, India’s most awaited tournament or sporting extravagenza is highly commendable. Today because of IPL. Lalit Modi is a completely changed man. From a so called bankrupt in the past to a multi-millionare at present is something which he has not achieved in a days time. I am not advocating Modi here, but if we keep aside all the controversies that has associated with the tournament, it was totally because of Lalit Modi’s efforts and desire to make this event a successful one.

Another very good example that is coming into my dead brain is the example of a “child.” I am very sure that most of you have seen a child crying…well what do we say when the child is crying, think, think?? You know the answer, think..exactly you got it, we say “may be the child wants something.” One should look at it as an example of a desire rather than an example of a need. A child cries not because he/she needs something but because he/she desires for something which is not with him/her at this point of time. And since the child doesn’t know any other means of expressing his/her desire, thus he/she cries out loud expressing the desire that’s there with him/her. It can also be looked as a very good example of economising once resources in order to achieve the desired goal. In other words, its a good example of exploiting or making full use of the resources that is available to you to bring into actuality the desired one.

Thus, one should have the thirst for his/her desired goal. May be its not of any use to you at this point of time, but I am sure and confident that as the thirst or the hunger increases you will understand what I wanted to convey through this blog. At the end, I just want to say that:

“Be Happy in Whatever you Get, But Never Get Satisfied”


Thank you for reading the article...keep reading and keep writing!

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