Philosophy of !deactions

It’s said that “our ideas come and go”. Well I seriously don’t deny the fact as it happens with me a lot. I wake up in the morning, I’ll light up a cigarette and as I’ll step towards the loo for my first grand release of the day, I’ll encounter myself with an idea; an idea that could have had fetched me a metal or any big ‘Advertising’ award. But the moment I step out of the loo, that great idea, that great line, gets lost somewhere. I don’t know where…somewhere!!

This one thing is something.

I am sure, I am not the only one who faces this problem.

I once wrote this line that innovation happens when your ideas have sex. That’s right, you read it correctly…the word is sex. So, let me ask you, do you still think yourself as a virgin? Did it again manage to raise your eyebrows? Yes? If you think that your answer is “No”, then I’ll say you are living in a fool’s paradise. Yes, you are and I can prove it that you are not a virgin or should I say you were never been a virgin.

For those people who are reading this article with their eyes wide open (well that includes my MOM too, because by now I am sure that she must have raised her BP to a considerable height), let me just wash their brains. When I am raising question on your virginity, I am actually talking about your Psychological Virginity.

What is this Psychological Virginity?

Well, it is nothing but a very common, yet unique process where you have sex with your ideas in other words; you play around with your idea bunnies, you allow them to mingle with each other in order to conceive them so that they can produce a new idea. An idea that will called as an “innovation”.

I know that you do it everyday. But, have you ever questioned yourself why?

Well, let me tell you the answer; because you (that includes me too) are brilliant!

Believe it or not; it’s a fact. It is your life that makes you so brilliant. Your life is unique; it is full of obstacles, but also full of inspiration. Every situation you encounter, every problem you face, it keeps your mind going. You’re human. You can’t avoid it. Your brain keeps showing up with uncounted ideas and solutions. Needless to say, you think everywhere, whether you are at a bus-stand or in the loo, sitting with your girlfriend/boyfriend or with some stranger. You think every single day, every single moment.

But what happens to those new ideas?

Where does it go…?

Do you write them down, treasure them, may be even shout them out to the world?

Probably not.


Ask yourself the question and you’ll get the answer. One reason that I can think off right now is, probably you might think that your ideas are not too important, not so good, not so great. So you forget about them. You trash them. Or worse – you decide to leave it all to THEM (your bosses): one day, THEY will realize that there’s a demand for this or that, and so one day THEY will come up with the proper creation, invention or solution.

What a waste! You already had the idea. To hell with THEM! Let’s be honest: it might take ages until THEY come up with an idea like that. And then, who are THEY, anyway? It’s all about you. It was your baby and what did you do with your baby….you gave it away.

Then how do to deal with them? Every one of us faces this problem, so what is the solution?

Well, I thought a lot and then came up with something. Something that might be useful to you or it might not be. It’s a theory, or let me sound a bit classy and call it as my philosophy. I call it the Philosophy of Ideactions!

Now, you must be thinking what this Philosophy of ideactions is?

It’s a summation of Ideas + Actions

Ok, let me just try to explain it to you with the help of a diagram.

Now, I guess you must have got a little idea about what I am trying to say. It is a fact that whenever we think of an idea, the first thing that strikes us is the same old pre-historic question; “is this a great idea?” And inevitably our answer comes out as “NO”. In the theory of ideactions, we follow the route of blunt ideas and its executions. If you see the diagram, you will see that we have divided the ideactions into two parts ideas and actions.

Ideas can further be classified into used ideas and unused ideas. Both the categories can be further be classified into lame ideas and brilliant ideas. But, here’s the trick, in case of the unused ideas, when we cannot really confirm that whether the idea was lame or brilliant. It could have been lame or it could have been a brilliant. If it was lame, then it wasn’t of much an issue, but what if, it was brilliant and you didn’t use it?  You could have done something with that idea.

May be that idea could have had fetched you a metal or fame, but that what happens with us every bloody day. Every day we think of an idea and then we only call it a bad idea and we chuck it. We need to change that. In other words, we need to change our mindset. We need to change the way we think. At first, it may seem painful but if you really think about it, it’s a wonderful experience. No matter who you are or what you plan to do. Just give your idea that one, single chance to perform and it will do wonders for you.

So, let’s have fun, let’s play ideactions!

Thank you for reading the article...keep reading and keep writing!

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