Vicky Donor; deserves your hard earned money

It is the warmest, funniest, most sensible and sparkling comedy to hit the big screens in a very long time

Blood Donation is an old theme nowadays. Well, to be honest, with the rise of globalization we have witnessed our industry of hindi cinema has also evolved. Few talked about the current happenings and then there were few others which spoke about the taboo subjects. Though out film industry is ruled by the Star power, but there are times when they have been challenged and proved wrong with some great subjects and fantastic direction in a non starrer films. So as said earlier themes like Cancer, AIDS and Blood Donations has already played its role successfully and are now done to death…so why not sperm donation??!!

Fertilization has been shown previously in movies like I AM, The Tree Of Life and more. But ‘Vicky Donor’ brings an aspect of Comedy involving fertilization in the movie. That’s a different and peculiar attempt introduced in Bollywood movie. A fresh theme with fresh stars featured in a feature film – Vicky Donor.

Poster of Vicky Donor

These kinds of films are seldom made, with a concept for others to emulate. As a film ‘Vicky Donor’ introduces new comers in both acting and producing. While renowned VJ Ayushmaan Khuraana and fair n’ lovely lady Yami Gautamji are debuting with this one, on the other hand John Abraham, emerges as the new boy in Producer Town. As a team they put an earnest effort and deals with a fresh theme based on a totally out-of-the-box concept.

As the name goes by, Vicky (Ayushmaan) is a fun loving and mischievous guy for whom life is all about enjoying, he lives with his mother (Dolly Ahluwalia) who runs a beauty parlour by the name Dolly Beauty Parlour in order to support their living. Vicky is spotted by Dr Chadhha (Annu Kapoor) who is an infertility expert and runs a sperm bank in order to help childless couples. He has more of failed cases and is need of suitable donor for one of his clients. He finds Vicky and persuades him to donate his sperms. After much persuasion Vicky gives in and becomes a sperm donor. Everything goes well till he falls in love with a beautiful Bong girl (Yami Gautamji) and this becomes the subject of the second half.

Based on Delhi and the Delhiwallas, the story, screenplay & dialogues by Juhi Chaturvedi is first rate and captures the dialect and the mood of Delhi very well. The first half is humorous and light whereas the second half is a bit serious and at times you feel a bit slow and dragging in places, but Juhi keeps the essence of the subject intact throughout. The characters are very well etched and do not look out of place. Camera work by Kamaljeet Negi is ok though to be honest nothing extraordinary. Director Shoojit Sarcar handles the subject with utmost care and after ‘Yahaan’, I never expected him to come up with a comedy and that too so unusual.

To me the biggest highlight of the movie is its performances. Especially by Anu Kapoor (One of the most underrated actors) who returns to the big screen after a long long time, does a splendid job as Dr Chaddha. The other two actors who were just brilliant were Dolly Ahluwalia as Vicky’s mother and Kamlesh Gill as Vicky’s grandmother, they just stole the show with their riveting performance and their sequences together are the highlight of the movie. Coming on to our debutants Ayushman Khurana & Yami Gautamji, both are good and confident but Ayushmaan is a few notches above Yami. Jayanta Das who plays the role of Ashima’s father does a decent job and bongs like me could easily relate him to our own fathers. So as far as the characters are concerned, they are very real and we can witness them in our day to day life. For me it was bit easy because I have lived in Delhi and I am a Bong too.☺☺☺

Finally, Vicky Donor is just like sperms, tiny but very effective and gives birth to a new idea of entertainment which is not dirty at all. With genuineness in script and rigorous performances by leading actors, Vicky Donor is successful in making a strong ascendancy in small budget films. Try not to miss this one.

Ratings: * * * */5

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