Ferrari Ki Sawaari; Out and Out Family Film

After a long long time audiences will see an out and out family film in the form of Ferrari Ki Sawaari

After a wait of two year, Vidhu Vinod Chopra is back with his team introducing a new director Rajesh Mapuskar along with the “Golden Touch” man Rajkumar Hirani as the writer (dialogues) with a fresh film based on an interesting family plot revolving around Cricket and A Ferrari.

To start with Ferrari Ki Sawaari may not be a perfect film since it does have its flaws including its over length and few avoidable scenes & songs. But here I would like to strongly mention that Bollywood is not actually making many Family Outing movies in the present scenario. And looking at the trends followed in the last few years, we seldom get a movie which can be watched by ‘All In The Family’ together from a 7 year old kid to a 70 year old grandfather. So from that point of view, I would like to ignore the weaker points of this film and would rate Ferrari Ki Sawaari as “One of the Best Family movies of 2012” which even reminds you of another perfect family entertainer, 3 Idiots presented by the same production house.

Ferrari Ki Sawaari is a story of a 12-year old boy (Kayo- Ritvik Sahore) who plays cricket and is always dreaming of representing India. Kayo is good with the cricket bat, exceptionally good. But his curse is that his dad, Rustom (Sharman Joshi) can’t afford a training camp in London which Kayo so deserves to go to. Another deterrent is a disgruntled and non-supportive grandfather, Deboo (Boman Irani). And then you join in on a fun trip on how Rustom makes sure his son’s aspirations are met.

The means Rustom uses put the film in fantasy zone. But, the makers want exactly that – to suck you into the unbelievability of the basic plot and make you root for its characters. Characters which have been beautifully developed. So warm they are, that you let go of your need for unpredictability. Rustom is introduced to you as the ideal citizen who, given his background and the premise of the story, will have to at some point sell his soul. You know Deboo is in dire need of a cathartic moment and he’ll have to find it in the next two hours or so. And yet, the how is engaging and entertaining.

Ferrari Ki Sawaari firstly, becomes an enjoyable experience for everyone because of its emotional theme which talks about the most untouched or tense relationship in a middle class family that is between a father and his son. It enlightens a young father about how to bring in more positivity into this important bonding taking it onto a different level altogether…….of being friends.

The film actually gets converted into a worth watching film because of its two flawless performances by Sharman Joshi and Boman Irani wherein they both quietly surpass their own benchmarks set in their other famous masterpiece 3 Idiots. Sharman Joshi is simply exceptional in his simple yet impressive performance of an honest father. He infuses great positive energy in the entire film, especially in the opening and last 15 minutes when you honestly cannot stop falling in love with his character on screen. The boy once again strongly makes the industry realize his great hidden potential waiting to be tapped in films like these.

Complimenting him beautifully there is Boman Irani who undoubtedly is one of the most talented character actors in Hindi Film Industry at present. Boman simply takes over from Sharman like a relay race post intermission and delivers an even better performance than his 3 Idiots. Even though he (easily) plays a Parsi character in the film (being a Parsi himself), still the way he remarkably slips into the character of the depressed grandfather in the script is nothing short of being called ‘Amazing’. Completing the trio is Ritvik Sahore, the kid who despite of being placed in front of such great actors, superbly makes his presence felt with elegance. The kid never overacts or gets casual which in turn helps both Sharman and Boman to come up with such fine performances in the film. So Ritvik, deservingly gets equal marks as won by these grown-ups for their polished acts.

Further, this team of 3 gets great encouragement from a brilliant supporting cast lead by Seema Pahwa, who is superb as the wedding planner and completely steals the show in many of her scenes. Paresh Rawal is bang on in his short cameo and so are the other actors contributing a lot in the overall impact of the film. Musically, Pritam is just fine but not great as one does not remember the songs once out of the theater. May be the impact was such since the tracks are all used in the film in their shorter versions. But while listening to the tracks one might get confused as they tastes similar to that of Shantanu Moitra. Yet there was really no need of a Lavni song featuring Vidya Balan and the one in the car.

Ferrari Ki Sawaari does have few weaker moments in its narration which could have been tackled in a better manner. For instance the complete side track of a corrupt politician and his son’s wedding seems to be a bit over the top with many cardboard like characters. The plot also takes too many liberties with the Ferrari moving freely on the roads without being noticed and the song with the car flying in the air in reality looks absurd and avoidable. As seen in many earlier movies on cricket, the scenes featuring the game once again remain the weakest ones. Like, how can one look for hitting the wickets when the ball is being pitched way outside the off-stump (when Boman is bowling to his grandson)? Apart from that in the second half, the film does get a bit emotional and after a certain point this emotional touch becomes a burden for the audiences it starts dragging way too far from where it should have finished.

In the end, Ferrari Ki Sawaari is a film that has a father and his son living their lonely life with a great positive attitude, people or neighbors helping out each other in the times of need and it even has good policemen, miles away from the routine kind of men on duty seen in every other film. Before the movie released, we heard how VVC wanted to do something different. But did he manage to do it? Partially, yes. While the chemistry between Boman and Sharman reminds you of their 3 Idiots days, the never-heard-before storyline gives this one a refreshing touch. Also, the way Ferrari Ki Sawaari takes digs at the thoughtless banalities of big cities is fresh and commendable.

It is a fine first time attempt by director Rajesh Mapuskar backed by the same talented men (Vidhu Vinod Chopra & Raj Kumar Hirani), who gave us Munna Bhai films and 3 Idiots. Ferrari Ki Sawaari is a delightfully cute movie that will surely tug at your heart strings. I don’t know how much you guys will agree with me but one thing for sure…while leaving the theater, you’ll be leaving with a sense of satisfaction. So enjoy the movie with a cup of hot cocoa or a cool cola and pop corn.

Ratings: * * * (and half)/ 5

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